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5 Time Saving Tools Every Business Needs:

Time Saving Tools

5 Web Tools That Can Really Help Your Productivity

If you have a website you know how much work is involved in making your posts, attracting readers and customers. Fortunately there are all kinds of tools to help you get it done and save time. 

Time Saving Tools Are:

1         AdRotate (available for free in Plugins) – gives you a place to put your ads that has them visible on every page but keeps your site from looking spammy.

2         Pinterest – Most people think of Pinterest as a Social media like Twitter and Facebook or just for women, so untrue. Pinterest is more of a search engine like Google and is growing fast in use and visitors and is an excellent place to advertise your business.

3         Board Booster (my referral link) – Now that you have your Pinterest Business account you’ll need to start pinning your content and repining content from others that are in your niche. You can try to do it all yourself, making 20 to 30 pins a day along with the other important things you have to do. Or you can get a Pin Scheduler and set it to do it for you. Plus, you can have it drip your new pins out on a set schedule to insure your pins are showing. You can get 100 pins a  for free and upgrade to 500 for $5 more all for just a penny per pin.


4         Google Analytics (available for free in Plugins) – How do you know if people are coming to your website? What pages are they looking at? With Google Analytics, you can find out and be able to Taylor your posts to your readers.

5         YOAS SEO (available for free in Plugins)– When you write your posts it is SEO important to make sure you have good Search Engine Optimization. With an SEO plugin on your site you get tips to make sure your post has a good SEO score while you write it giving you a better chance of it showing high in search engine results.


There are an ever growing number of software tools available and many of them have free versions you can try to see if they will help you. But even if they have a small cost you should consider subscribing to them to see if they can help.