accepting credit cards

Merchant Services / Small business

The Top Benefits of Accepting Cards

-Your company is legitimized by accepting credit cards. By displaying the emblems of the ...

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Bing Ads PPC

Advertising / Business Expenses / Home Business Blog / Marketing

Bing Ads compaired to Google AdWords

Bing Ads vs. AdWords Is Microsoft's Bing Ads as good as Google AdWords for Pay-Per-Click ...

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Negative Keywords

Advertising / Home Business Blog / Problem Solving / Small business

Negative Keywords – Why You Should Use Them?

In pay-per-click (PPC) advertising keywords are the best way for someone to find your ads ...

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Business Expenses / IRS / Taxes

Operating Expenses, What are they?

All businesses have operating expenses, from rent and utilities to payroll and vendor pa...

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Business Expenses / Home Business / Small business

What Are Start-up Expenses

We have all heard when you start a business you get to deduct all your start-up costs. Som...

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