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You Really Can Make Money On Your Blog

Make Money Blogging

Creating a blog and making money online is something you have always wanted to do!

But can you make money blogging?

That is the first question many new bloggers ask and the answer is YES!

Thousands of people just like you start blogs every day. But they will also have a lot of questions about getting started so they will go online looking for help. Unfortunately the answers they get may be from sites that are not working in the new bloggers best interest.

There are a lot of ads online about how easy it is to create a blog and make money by signing up for their programs and selling their products on your site. But what they don’t tell you is most of the money being made is coming from your pocket and in to theirs.

I got started it was with one of those ads too.


My Story

make money bloggung

I was out of work when I clicked on a link about starting your own online business and filled in the questionnaire. I received a call from them a few days later and listened to their sales pitch about how they would set up my site and teach me how to use it. I would be the only affiliate in my area giving me a potential of 1.5 million customers, and I would get $8 for everyone that used my link to sign up.

The part about training is what sold me even though there was a fee to get started to approve me and buy my domain.  Needless to say I learned the hard way that this is NOT the way to start.

They created the site but didn’t tell me anything about what I should do with it and the only times they called me was to talk me into buying a two month ad campaign for the low cost of $5,000. When I called them and complain they would set me up to get a call that would be almost less then worthless, usually asking me what have I done, after all it is your site..

After that I was so fed up I went online to get answers. I was shocked to discover just how easy it is to create your own blog and maintain it.

And that it was so cheap to do.

They charged me more then I want to admit to create something I could do myself for less than $200.

After that I took care of my own site and advertising. And using what I learned on my own, for free,  I made some money with out having to pay anyone for the advertising.

I have seen many comments online from a lot of frustrated bloggers who fell into blogging the same way I did.

So I decided the Niche for my site was to tell my fellow bloggers what I have learned from from my mistakes and to show them how to get into blogging the write way and how to make money.

The top 6 reasons most blogs fail?

Small Business mistakes


The sad reality is that 80% of new blogs fail with in the first year. Most just didn’t know what to do with their blogs and gave up. Others where just trying to hard to sell something and either made their site a big billboard for ads or spent a fortune on Pay-Per-Click advertising.



The 6 most common reasons are:

  1. Picking the wrong niche – most new bloggers try to choose a niche that they are told is a big money maker, instead of one they really are interested in. This is always a mistake, you are going to need to write a lot of posts about topics in your niche and if you do not enjoy your subject it will show in your posts, your followers will leave and you won’t want to put in the effort.
  2. Not making regular posts – if you are not interested in your topic you will not make regular posts and if you do not make regular entries to your site, all the search engines will stop putting your posts in their search results so no one will find your site.
  3. Spamming your readers – if your site is only to make money and you will fill it with ads it will look spammy. You have seen these sites, they take forever to load and you are bombarded with ads which makes it hard to read. These are the sites everyone avoids and they usually don’t last long.
  4. Not seeing any profit – if you only started your site to make money and you don’t have sales you don’t make money. If you don’t make money it means you won’t do anything with your site and you will give up.
  5. Spending more then they are earning – there are many affiliates out there that will try to sign you up and promise to do all the work for you so all you need to do is sit back and count your money. These sites usually charge you a monthly fee, want you to buy their advertising campaigns, usually charging you around $5,000 to run 2 months of ads that go now where.
  6. They think blogging is easy – As I said earlier blogging can be enjoyable but you need to put in a lot of time and effort to make it something people want to read and follow.

There are many successful bloggers out there that fail on their 1st, 2nd and sometimes 3rd attempts. Don’t give up just because you are not an instant success. You really can make money online if you take your time and work at making your blog something you are proud of.

How to Blog Successfully

Choosing the right Niche

make money blogging

Your Niche is the topic your blog is about. It can literally be about ANYTHING you find interesting like why you feel your goldfish is the best pet in the world or how to rebuild a 1965 Corvette.

If you are interested in it, then there are sure to be others interested in as well. Either they have been interested for years or they became interested from reading your posts and want to know more. Take some time and jut down a few ideas for your niche. See if you can come up with the titles of 3 or 4 posts you can make for the niche.

Once you have though of your topic go online and do a few searches for that niche. there are probably lots of sites on this topic but that’s ok. Don’t be scared away from your chosen niche just because others are already doing the same thing. There is always room online for another blog online. Look at the sites postings, do you agree with what was written?

and questions that others have asked and think about any questions do you have. Answer

Keep your content fresh

You need fresh content on your blog frequently, if you don’t post regularly search engines like Google and Bing will assume your site is abandoned and your posts will not show in their search results, and you will lose followers.

You need to give your audience a reason to read your posts and to keep coming back for more. Keep that in mind when you write each post.

You want to become an authority in your niche.

Getting your blog set up and online cheaply

Their are a lot of ways to host your site online as cheaply as possible, including free.

If your going to advertise on your blog now or in the future I would recommend either or
They have plans for as little as $3.00 per month and they have customer service available 24/7 to answer ANY questions you may have.

Avoid The Clutter

Putting ads on your site can get messy.

You want to set aside areas on your posts to place the ads but not overwhelm visitors with all the ads. I would recommend placing only one or two ads in your posts. Put them on the right hand side or bottom of the post, this will let them be seen and not block the visitors view of your great post. Also try to use only ads that are related to the topic of the post. You can put the ads on a separate page and add a link in your post the reader can click if they want to know more about the product in the ad.


Learn about SEO

Search Engine OptimizatioYour posts will never been read if they can not be found.

Search Engine Optimization  is a method of writing your posts so they have the best opportunity to be found in an internet search.
You need to find the keywords for your posts and use them in the text and title.
It is not hard to learn the basics of SEO but it takes practice to perfect it.



Don’t Rush in to Selling

make money bloggingYou can add affiliates or sell ad space on your site to make money at any time, but before most affiliates and advertisers will sign you on they will evaluate your sites performance. Looking back at least a year for frequency of posts and a large enough audience to make it worth their effort.

Spend time growing your audience first!

It is as simple as making regular quality posts. Readers will enjoy what they find and you will gather an audience that looks forward to future posts from you.

If you have your own products to sell make sure to keep your ads small and unobtrusive. Write a few posts about the product you are selling or advertising and put in a link to a sub-page they can click on to learn more about the product. Remember to keep your product review posts honest, try the product yourself and write a post telling your readers your true opinion of the product. If you loved it, say that and tell them why, but if you were less impressed say that too. I’m sure you have looked for product reviews and wondered if the writer was paid to give hi good review.

Invest the time

Time TrackingThis is your Business and you want it to last and make money so take the time every day to help it grow.
Make regular posts you need to keep your content fresh to keep your audience interested.

Do your research even if you are an expert on you’re subject there is always something new to learn. Do your research before every post, you may learn something new. There is always someone looking for answers on a  subject, write your post as an answer to some of those questions.


Use Social Media to advertise your blog posts

Advertise on Social Media instead of Google Ad-words. Using Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to advertise your latest posts is free and more likely to show results. Just put in a little comment about your post and attach the link to your post.




What to take away

Having a blog can be become a profitable online business and a great job you can enjoy. Over time you can even make it your full time job but it does take time and commitment, don’t fall for the “Make MONEY FAST” ads, they are rarely successful.