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Increase Your Pins Using BoardBooster


If you use Pinterest to draw your audience to your posts and offers then you know how powerful it can be.

But it is also time consuming.


In this post I will tell you about the Boardbooster  pin scheduling tool and how it can increase your repin rate.



Disclosure: In this post I include a link to Boardbooster. If you click on these links and sign up for Boardbooster I will receive a small commission for the referral. AT NO COST TO YOU!

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I started using Pinterest about a year ago when I found Pay-Per-Click advertising was costing more then was I making.

After setting up my Pinterest account I repined a few pins from other posters then made a few new pins for my site. But after that I kind of let it sit  and began using Facebook more because it seemed easier to make my posts.

Over time I was not seeing an results from Facebook so I branched out to Google AdWords pay-per-click ads. But were these ads did get results it was difficult to balance the cost of the ads with the amount of clicks they got.

I decided to put more effort into organic ads including pins in Pinterest for my best posts and affiliate links.

I was shocked!

In one month I got over 100 Pinterest Followers and over 500 re-pins.

And my site was getting a lot more visitors than before.

I also had 28 new sales on my affiliate links.


But there was a down side. I was spending several hours a day re-pinning my pins. Ad the time I was spending creating new pins that the other things I needed to do were falling way behind. So I dedicated 2 hours one day per week to do repining. And another day to create new pins for new posts and affiliates.

And my pins tanked.

Most of my pins went unseen and my blog lost followers.
I needed to find a better way to run my Pinterest account and get people to my site.

That’s when I discovered a pin scheduler called BoardBooster.

What Is Boardbooster Anyway?

Boardbooster is a pin scheduler you can use to create a schedule that will automatically repost your pins on Pinterest and creates a daily report on how each pin and board is performing.

How Does Boardbooster Work?

Boardbooster creates secret boards of the boards you select, you place the pins you want posted in these secret boards and set up a schedule for how often they are posted, what times of the day they are posted and to what boards.

BoardBooster then creates a daily report to track how each pin and board performed that day, how often they are clicked on and at what time of day. This will help you fine tune your schedule to increase your click through rate.

I spend an hour one day a week creating new pins and set a pinning schedule to have them posted frequently.
It has saved me a lot of time and hassles.

Sounds great but it MUST be expensive

You can have Boardbooster do your re-pins for as little as $5 a month for 500 pins.

That’s 16 pins a day EVERY day of the month!

You can try it totally free for your first 100 pins when you first sign up!
None of the usual pay your first $5 payment and then get your 100 free pins.

It is FREE to try and you don’t have to continue using Boardbooster after the free 100 pins if you decide it’s not right for you.

And you pay nothing.

Getting Started Is Easy

If you are ready to try Boardbooster for yourself I have included a step by step tutorial to help you get started.

Signing up is very simple and quick, and I was able to start posting pins right away.

Click this button to create your account

Create a Boardbooster Account


Click  Sign up for Free Trail Button

The Free Trial will give you 100 free pins with out paying anything up front.

Fill in all the blanks.
Enter your name, email address, choose a password, enter your Pinterest user name and select your time zone.


To locate your Pinterest user name, log into your Pinterest account

Under your “Profile” click on “Settings”

Scroll down to your user name, it looks like this


Copy and past the username to your boardbooster profile.


Setting Up You’re Pinning Tools

There are several pinning tools available to help you manage your pins.
Here is a list of these tools and what they do.

On the Home Page clicking on “Pinning Tools” gives you a list of tools. Clicking on each one will display a short description of what they do.


With the $5 monthly plan the best ones to use are the Looping and Scheduling are the most useful.

Looping campaigns choose pins at random from the board you select and re-pin them during a set schedule you define.

Set up a Looping campaign

Click Looping in the Pinning tools menu.

Click the “Add Boards” button and choose the boards from your site you wish to post pins from.


This will create a secret board for each board you choose.


Click the Continue button

Here is where you configure how many pins will be posted and how often.


You can choose one pin from each board or you can choose multiple pins from one board.

If your just starting to use boardbooster and are using your 100 free pins I suggest starting with the One or less pins per day from several boards starting at different times. Once you have seen the results for your first 100 pins you will have a better idea of what is being clicked.

Choose the starting time you want the pins to post.

You can set a random posting schedule by entering a number of hours to wait between posts but it is not a required setting.

Leave the disabled setting for the Aspect ratio

Do you want to pin only your own pins or to include pins from others that yo have saved to your boards. Pinterest gets picky if you only re-pin your own pins. I suggest setting it to Disabled, that way it will use other peoples pins too.

Make sure Website domain is Disabled

Set Automatic Duplication to Enabled. This will let it pin the same pins multiple times that day.

Set Run deduplication to 5 days after repining

Disable Production for viral duplication and protection for pins with comments.

That’s it, you have created you Looping campaign.

Click the “Submit” button

And now Boardbooster will go through the boards you selected and pin 1 pin a day from each board to your Pinterest site. This will keep your pins fresh and easy to find when someone does a search in Pinterest.

Setting up a Pinning Schedule

If you have a specific time and day you want your pins to be posted in Pinterest the “Schedule” tool.

Click on Pinning Tools and select Scheduler


Click on Add New Boards


Select the board or boards you want to add


Set the time range for when you want your pins to be posted, and the number of pins to post from that board.

Click “Submit”


This popup tells you that a secret board will be added to your Pinterest account and any pins you put in this board will be repined to the main board on your Pinterest account as scheduled.


That’s it!

You now have a Boardbooster account and you have set up a looping pin schedule along with a scheduled pinning

Until you make updates or changes Boardbooster will perform these tasks.

I personally pick one day per week to review my Boardbooster account and reports then make additions and changes as needed.

If you like this tutorial please add a comment and share it with your friends.

Thank you