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Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Using Facebook Marketing

Using Social Media like Facebook to advertise your business can be an effective and inexpensive tool to attract new customers. But your viewers need to find something more interesting then advertising to keep them coming back to your page.

There are many ways to market your products and services on Facebook. Use your page to inform and educate readers about topics that interest your target audience. This is your opportunity to share your expertise on subjects related to your business. If your readers see you are about more then sales you can build an on going relation with them and they will return frequently and tell their friends which will grow your audience and raise your profile.




Getting the Most out of  Posting on Facebook

Facebook has character limits for a posts that can effect how much information you can put in a single post. One way to use this to your advantage is to create a blog page on your business site. Then in Facebook post a paragraph that is an intro to your post with the link for the readers to follow to see the full posting.

You need to make regular posts to Facebook to keep it relevant to search engines. But Facebook gives you the option of creating a post and setting a date for it to be released, this means you can set aside an hour or two each week and create multiple posts to be released at preset times.

Use hyperlinks/embedded links in your posts for the name of a product like Facebook or want to share a site with your readers. This will allow you to provide to give credit to posters of other sites if you use some of their post in yours.

When you read a post or article by another poster that you found interesting and you think your followers might find useful write an introduction about the post, who made the original posting and the link in your post.

Always give credit to the sites and posts you use to gather the information in your posts.


Facebook Marketing

Setting up ads with Facebook Marketing

Facebook gives you several options to create ads for your page, you can create ads for your site, create ads for specific posts, run a Likes campaign, post videos and so much more. There are two main buttons that you will use to create ads.

Creating an Ad to  Boost a Posting

Lets look at the  “Boost Post” button first. When you click the “Post” button to post your entry you will see the “Boost” button    replace it. This button allows you to create an ad that will advertise that post only. When you click the button you will see a sample ad for your post, you can modify or completely change this ad to what you want.

Creating an Ad to Promote your Page

Now lets look at the  “Promote Website” button. You click this button to create an ad that will advertise your Facebook page. When you click the button you will see a sample ad for your post, you can modify or completely change this ad to what you want.

With both buttons you can:

Select your audience by gender, age group and interests.

Select where you want your Ad to be displayed – Desktop News Feed, Mobile News Feed or Instagram and you can enter the text you want for the Ad.

Choose your daily budget for your Ad and how long you want your Ad to run.

Once your Ad is setup and submitted it will still need to be approved by Facebook before it will be ran. You will receive a message in your sites Notifications tab from Facebook admin when your Ad is approved.

It can be tempting to run Ad’s for all your posts or run an Ad for your page and set it for a long period. You should resist these temptations, your business advertising needs will change frequently and  you will want to make changes to your Ad’s, and running one Ad for more then a week can become stale and use a lot of your valuable advertising budget.

It is best to start out slow, running a single Ad for a few days and see what the results are. If the return on the Ad is good you can always extend its run.

Post Videos

Facebook is a great place to post short videos. You can use this option to post small tutorial and informational videos tailored to your audience.


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With time and experimentation you can build your Facebook page to a powerful marketing tool.

To see a step by step for Facebook advertising go to Beginner’s Guide: How to Advertise Your Business on Facebook by Kim Garst