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Quarterly Tax Payments For My Business

Quarterly Tax Payments

Do I Have To Pay Quarterly Tax Payments? Business owners have to pay federal estimated quarterly tax payments if they expect to owe at least $1,000.00 in federal taxes for the year. There may also be state required quarterly tax payments owed, you should check with your state tax agency to find out. If you are earning income […]

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Home Office Tax Deduction

Can I Deduct My Home Office? If you own a small business you probably use a part of your home as a business office. But do you know how to deduct your home office on your tax return? If your business is located away from your home you more then likely keep an office there. […]

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Operating Expenses, What are they?


All businesses have operating expenses, from rent and utilities to payroll and vendor payments. These expenses make up the largest part of the expenses your business incur each year and are the largest source for your business tax deductions. What is an operating expense? There are so many different types of business and what can […]

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Do You Have A Business Or A Hobby

Business or a hobby

Does the IRS consider you in business or a hobby? Having a small business gives you access to a lot of Federal and State tax deductions but the IRS has to determine if you are in business or a hobby. If they find  that you have a hobby instead of a business that will make you unable to […]