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Affordable Advertising


Affordable Advertising By Robert Nelson In business if you want people to know about your product or service affordable advertising is a must. But not all businesses have a million dollar budget to spend on advertising. Fortunately today there is an affordable advertising solution. With an investment of a little time and the reach of the internet you […]

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What is an LLC (Limited Liability Company)

LLC - Limited Liability Company

What is a LLC (Limited Liability Company) by Robert Nelson An LLC (Limited Liability Company) is the least complex business structure available. An LLC is not a corporation but a flexible form of company that can be set up as a sole proprietorship owned by a single individual. Forming an LLC can give you some legal […]

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Mobile Pay Can Increase Sales

Mobile Pay Can Increase Sales? Mobile pay systems are increasing in popularity, today we have so many different options to pay. Along with the traditional credit and debit cards we now have an ever increasing number of mobile pay methods including Apple Pay and Samsung Pay on our mobile devices and the number of locations […]

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Samsung Pay

Is it the same as Apple Pay In my last post I reviewed Apple Pay and listed some of it’s pluses and minuses. This week I am looking at Samsung Pay to see what makes it different or the same. What Makes Samsung Pay Different Both apps can be used on Near Field Communication (NFC) […]

Data Security

Apple Pay Is It Secure

Apple Pay

Apple Pay How secure is it? Apple Pay is one of the newest Digital Wallet apps on the market today. With credit card fraud on the rise in the US we are all checking to ensure that our credit card data is not taken. This makes any new payment method that removes the need to […]

Data Security

POS Data Breaches

POS Data Breaches

POS Data Breaches  What can be done? Point of sale (POS) security is one of the most important parts of any business because POS Data Breaches are becoming more and more frequent.  It is one of the most vulnerable areas of your company. All our lives we have walked up to the register at our favorite […]