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Bing Ads compaired to Google AdWords

Bing Ads PPC

Bing Ads vs. AdWords

Is Microsoft’s Bing Ads as good as Google AdWords for Pay-Per-Click advertising

Unless you are new to PPC advertising you more then likely have used Google AdWords to run you sales campaigns. While AdWords is still the PPC advertising giant Microsoft’s Bing Ads is growing in popularity and may be a useful addition to your PPC advertising.

Pros and Cons of using Bing Ads

I have only been using AdWords for less then a year and have been mostly happy with it’s performance, but like all businesses I am always looking for ways to expand my sales so I decided to give Bing Ads a try. I setup a new Bing Ads account and imported one of my search campaigns from AdWords and found several thing I liked about Bing Ads, but as with so many new things we try I found issues I was not impressed with. Here is a list of a few of the Pros and Cons I found.



Easy To Learn – The Bing Ads site is setup very similar to Google AdWords with only a few differences making it easy for those of us with AdWords experience to learn. For those new to PPC advertising there is a very useful Bing Ads Tutorial to take you step by step through setting up your first campaign.

Bing Ads allows you to transfer one or all of your existing Google AdWords campaigns over so you can stick with ads you know work instead of starting from scratch.

Reports drop down – this tab gives you the ability to generate several quick reports by clicking on the type as well as creating custom reports but you need to wait until you have had several days of data before it can generate any reports.


Bing ads can transfer your campaigns over form AdWords but there can be issues. When I followed the steps in the Bing ads tutorial I was able to transfer all my campaigns, settings, schedules and keywords quickly and easily, but when I checked the Ads tab none of my ads were shown as having been transferred. There was an error message when my campaigns transferred but since I do not use Microsoft Office, when I downloaded and opened it all I had was a blank CVS file.

Also when I created several ads using the Bing ads Creator I noticed I had fewer characters available compared to AdWords. This may be the reason why my AdWords ads did not transfer.

As I created each new ad I clicked the “Save and create another” button and my new ads were shown at the bottom of the screen with the notice that it may take up to 1 full business day to approve the ads during which your ads may not run. But when completed the last new ad and I clicked the “Save” button my ads were no longer displayed under the ads tab, it took until the ads I created were approved to see them several hours later.

By default all your keywords are set to “Broad” match but there is a convent drop down box to change them individually or you can click the top of the “Match Type” column and you can all your keywords will change to “Exact or Broad”. Each time you click the top of the column it will switch the match type so changing then individually may be the best approach.

In the Tools drop down I found a Keyword Planner and a Campaign Planner – the Campaign Planner is suppose to help you plan a new campaign but it seems limited to certain types of products. If your business does not sell these products it’s of no use. At the top of the page you see a notice that this feature is being replaced by the new Keyword Planner feature. But when I clicked the Keyword Planner in the Tools drop down I got a blank page.

After the first day of the campaign

After 24 hours of the campaign I found I had over 1,000 impressions and 15 clicks at about $1045 per click compared to my AdWords campaign on the same day of over 1,000 impressions and 23 clicks at $0.70 per click. Over time the cost per click can go down (or up).

Despite some minor flaws Bing Ads is showing to be a valuable resource in the PPC market giving advertisers. Another location to display their ads. I would recommend anyone running or planning to run a PPC campaign to set up both a Google AdWords and Bing Ads campaign and let them run for a week then compare the results. I think it will surprise you how similar the results are and how different the costs.

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