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Negative Keywords – Why You Should Use Them?

Negative Keywords

In pay-per-click (PPC) advertising keywords are the best way for someone to find your ads online. If you have ever done pay-per-click (PPC) advertising you know that not every click is a sale and you can pay for a lot of useless clicks. Do you know how to prevent your adds from being seen by […]

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Operating Expenses, What are they?


All businesses have operating expenses, from rent and utilities to payroll and vendor payments. These expenses make up the largest part of the expenses your business incur each year and are the largest source for your business tax deductions. What is an operating expense? There are so many different types of business and what can […]

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What Are Start-up Expenses


We have all heard when you start a business you get to deduct all your start-up costs. Some new small business owner spend more then they need to thinking they will get it back when they file their taxes, only to be surprised by what the IRS considers a start-up expense and what you can deduct without getting […]

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Do You Have A Business Or A Hobby

Business or a hobby

Does the IRS consider you in business or a hobby? Having a small business gives you access to a lot of Federal and State tax deductions but the IRS has to determine if you are in business or a hobby. If they find  that you have a hobby instead of a business that will make you unable to […]

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Be Your Own Boss, Are You Ready

Be your own boss

Things to know before you can be your own boss By Robert Nelson 9/4/2016 So you want to start a business and be your own boss. That’s great, being the boss of your own business can be rewarding. But before rush in and start investing time and money there are a few things you need to […]

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Don’t Forget Your Google My Business Page

Google My Business

What is Google My Business? By Robert Nelson 8/28/2016 Bringing customers into your business requires more then just being seen in a Google Search. You want to catch the eye of potential customers and show them what your business has to offers them. Your Google My Business page can do just that. Google My Business is a free and easy […]