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Affordable Advertising


Affordable Advertising

By Robert Nelson

In business if you want people to know about your product or service affordable advertising is a must. But not all businesses have a million dollar budget to spend on advertising. Fortunately today there is an affordable advertising solution. With an investment of a little time and the reach of the internet you can make your small business visible to as large a market as the big brands.

Use Pro Referrals Sites

There are many site that offer Pro Referrals and reviews of businesses in your area. Listing your business on review sites like Yelp, Home Advisor and Angie’s list can get your business in front of more then 140 million viewers. It also gives your customers a platform to review your business, you can review these comments to find out where you are doing well and where you need to improve to help your customers.



Affordable AdvertisingCreate a blog Post

Creating a blog is simple and inexpensive these days. Sites like WordPress will let you create a blog page for free, all you need to pay for is a domain name and a hosing site. Making a weekly post to your blog page informing readers about subjects related to your business will let you describe the pro’s of your product or services to your readers.

Invite comments about your posts and invite contributions from your readers. These comments can be helpful in determining what your readers are looking for and tailoring your advertising. You should publish some of the comments in your blog.


Follow the blog posts of others

Read the blogs of other businesses in your niche and make thoughtful comments about their posts. Your comments may interest the writer of the post to check out your posts and comment. It is acceptable to enter your sites URL in the appropriate field, just be sure to use your real name of business name and not keyword-rich anchor test.

If you find the post of others interesting and would like to share it with your readers give the title of the post and the name of the poster along with a link to the post on your page. You may want to contact the poster and see if they would like to contribute to your posts.


Affordable AdvertisingOffer webinars on your site

Webinar is short for Web Based Seminar which is a presentation, lecture, meeting, seminar or workshop designed to impart information and allow the viewers it ask questions of the presenter during the presentation.  This can be a great way to inform potential customers about you, your business and services.  If you have looked in to this option before you have noticed how costly it can be. Fortunately WordPress has a low cost plug-in called


Affordable AdvertisingSocial Media Marketing

Create a Facebook and Twitter page for your business and make regular post advertising your service and educate readers becoming an expert source.

In Facebook you can create multiple posts and set a date you want the post to appear but in Twitter you need to make the posts daily or you for a small fee you can set up an account in Hoot suite and the posts can run for you in both Facebook and Twitter every day.


Affordable AdvertisingOffer discounts

Use images to offer discounts on Facebook and Twitter. Offering discounts and coupon codes is a non threatening way of advertising your products with out seeming pushy.

Offering a free 15 minute consolation can be another way to lessen the apprehension of possible customers allowing them to see you as helpful. Send emails with an authentic testimonial of a business. Businesses love to receive positive reviews and will often publish then along with a link to the writer.


Affordable AdvertisingAnswer Question

Answer questions on Q&A sites like Quora and Yahoo Answers. This gives you the opportunity provide intelligent answers to questions from real people. Use your Business name to answer the questions and if your answer is of help the person asking the question may come to your site to find answers in the future. Search the sites for questions you have answers for, especially questions based on your business niche.



Affordable Advertising is available to all businesses by investing just a little time each day can allow your small budget to get maximum advertising.