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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Can affiliate marketing work for you

So you want to start an online business but you don’t have any products to sell?

Don’t let that keep you from getting started, affiliate marketing can get your business started and growing.

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is using your website to advertise other peoples products and you get paid a commission for any sales made from your site.


There are many sellers online that are looking for websites to help advertise and sell their products. And your  not limited to only one product, you can have as many affiliate products as you want.

How do I become an affiliate marketer

The first thing you will need is your own website. Don’t worry, it’s easier then ever to start a website.

Using sites like WordPress anyone can start their own blog site quickly and begin growing an audience.

The first question that everyone has at this point is “What kind of site can I make?”

That’s the easy part, what do you like and know about?

There are many types of site you can chose from, here are a few examples:

  1. Educational – What do you know and want to tell people about? Use your site to impart your knowledge about a topic and educate your visitors.
  2. Product reviews – Write a posting about a new product that you may be advertising. Give your visitors the pros and cons about products and where they can find the ones you fell are the best buy.
  3. Open discussion – Make a blog where visitors can suggest topics. Then you and other visitors can discuss the topics.

What ever content you want to put on the page should be related to the products you are advertising. This will insure the visitors to your page are their because they are interested in the products.

Unpaid advertising

You will need to advertise the products you are trying to sell, no sales means no commission. But there are many free ways to advertise at no cost, especially when you are first starting out. You can use Facebook and Twitter to talk about the products you are advertising, the trick is you have to word your posts so they are informational, not sales orientated or Facebook will kick you out. Talk about the experience you have had with the products and why you think they are a good value. You can use a portion of a posting from your site and include the link to your post so they can read the rest of your posting and the link to the product landing page if they are interested in buying.

Paid advertising

When the time comes you can find pay-per-click (PPC) advertising works well, but the budget can be tricky to figure out in the beginning not to mention the best time for the adds to run. Google AdWords is a good tool to use to set up a campaign. I would suggest a small budget of about $20 per day and set the schedule for running the ads for a differ 8 hour period each day. Use google analytics to see when your ads have the most views and clicks. Then run your campaigns at the best times and increase your budget as the number of clicks increase.

Where do I find products to sell?

There are a lot of sites that are dedicated to matching marketers with publishers. Once you have your site up and decided on your niche look ate the Affiliate sites to select products to advertise. The ones you select will be contacted by the affiliate site and if they decide your site would be a good fit for their product you will be sent a block of HTML code to past on your site. This will show the product on your site and, when clicked to make a purchase, will tell the seller thee sale came fro your site and that a commission was earned by you.

Affiliate sites

Here is a list of affiliate sites that you can visit to find products to advertise:

Affiliate marketing can be profitable and help build your sites reputation as a trusted location to find information your viewers trust about any number of products and services. If at a future date you develop your own product to sell, you will already have an audience to market to.