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How To Create And Display Ads Using The Free Version of AdRotate

Keep Your Ads Seen And Out Of The Way

Advertising products on your site can be messy, especially if you have an affiliate. You want to have your ads seen but you don’t want them to be “spammy” I have been using the AdRotate plugin on my site for several months now and have found it absolutely wonderful. It shows my ads in a nice visible box on the side of my pages and rotates through them allowing readers to click on it if they see something that interests them. With out blocking the posts they are reading.

There are two versions available, free and the Premium. The free version works very well and can do almost everything I need for my site. There are a lot of features that show up but you can’t access most of them unless you buy the Premium version but I recommend you start with the free version, if you find you need more of the features move up later.

This review will concentrate on the free version and walk you through it’s setup and use. I receive no commissions or payments of any kind from AdRotate. 

Getting the plugin

Getting the plugin is very easy, you just click on “Plugins” on your WordPress dashboard.

If it doesn’t show in your menu, simply type “AdRotate” in the search, down load and install.


Once installed you will see the AdRotate tab added to your dashboard, clicking on it will allow you to create ads  and organize your ads by groups.

Creating Ad’s

It is very simple to create an Ad:

  • Click on “AdRotate” on your dashboard


  • Select Adverts
  • When opened select “Add New” at the top of the page
  • Give your ad a title, it can be anything you want, only you will see it



  • Past the code for your ad in the “Ad Code” box (you can get this from your affiliate.)
  • Make sure to check the “Statistics” box to enable tracking. It will display to the right of the ad in the menu each time your ad is seen or clicked
  • Click “Save Advert” to save your new ad

If you are creating an ad to send visitors to a sponsors site and only have the URL follow these slightly changed steps:

In WordPress

  • Create a new post
  • Name it for the sponsor. Example: “Sponsor – Honest Bob’s Pet Sweaters
  • Add an image to the post
  • Click the “Add Link” button and paste the URL for the sponsors site
  • Click “Save as draft”
  • Click the “Text” at the top right of your post next to “Visual”
  • Highlight and copy all the text you see there
  • Return to step 5 above and paste it in the “Ad code” box and continue the remaining steps

It’s that simple to create any number of ads you need. If you sell your own products place

Create a couple more this way before moving on to creating your first group

Creating Groups

You can create Groups to collect ads for similar items, let’s say your sight sells hand made coats for cats and dogs. You can create a Group for cats and a second group for dogs Then attach the ads for each pet to the corresponding group.

To Create a Group:

  • Click on AdRotate in your Dashboard and select “Groups”


  • Click on “Add New” at the top  and name the group. For example “Dog Sweaters”, only you will see the name


  • Leave Mode set to default
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the ads you want in this group, select all ads for dog sweaters.


  • Save Group.

Putting AdRotate on your site

Now it’s time to put AdRotate on your WordPress site so when you create your ads you will have a place to display them.

  • First in your sites dashboard find “Appearance” in the left hand column
  • Select Widgets from the popup menu


  • Find AdRotate in the Available Widgets column
  • Click and drag the plugin and drag it to the “Sidebar” section on the right side of the page


  • Release it in the location you want it to appear in the sidebar on the right of your page

This has placed the AdRotate plugin on your page. But you will not see it until you have ads ready to display. Let’s create some Ad’s and Groups to put in there now.

Displaying your ads

Now that you have the plugin on your site you need to select ads to be displayed.Click the drop down arrow on the right side of the AdRotate plugin.

  • If you want to have a title show above the AdRotate on your page you can enter it in the “Title” box, this is not required.
  • You can leave it blank.
  • Scroll down to “Type” and click the drop down arrow. You will see several “Group – Use group ID”.
  • If you want to display multiple ads from a group in the ID box enter the Group number exp: 2 – this will display all ads in the selected group.
  • If you want to show only one ad all the time then select “Use Advert ID” and enter the number of the ad you want displayed.


  • Click Save


One of the advantages of the Premium version is that you can have multiple instances of AdRotate on your page, but the free version works just fine for many users.

I hope you found this helpful and get AdRotate up and running on your site.
If you have any comments or questions please send them along in the comments page or by email: