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8 Tips To Improve You Blog Visibility

blog tips for beginners


So you have created your very own blog “Congratulations
But your not seeing much traffic.
What are you doing wrong?

The answer is “Your Not Doing Anything Wrong!”

But no matter how much you know there is always more to learn.

It takes time for you to find your  blog to find its “Voice” in your posts and a little longer for your audience to find you.
As you create more and more posts it will get easier for you to write them and to discover what your audience is looking for, that way you can Taylor your posts to them.
The best advice is to keep making your posts as often as possible, but there are some things you can do to help build your audience.

8 Tips To Increase The Visibility Of Your Blog

Tip 1. Make Your Post Title Last

Before you decide on the title for your post finish writing it.
When you start writing your post you have your topic ready, but as you get deeper into it your topic will change, sometimes just a little and other times it can become totally different.
Waiting until you have finished your post will give you better choices for your title.

Tip 2. Use Keywords In Your Post Title

I don’t mean use only keywords, but your title is what will put your post in front of searchers, the better your title, the higher up in the search ratings.

There are two good places to find keywords.

  1. Google Search
  2. Pinterest

For Google just type your chosen keyword or phrase in the search box and see what posts come up. If the ones at the top of the list are close to your post topic, your good.

If not, alter your keyword or phrase until you find a match.

This can be time consuming and frustrating.

Pinterest is faster and easier, you can check your results in Google later.

You don’t have a Pinterest account?
Get one NOW!

Pinterest has been under rated for years as just another social media site for fashion and weight loss pins.
It may have began that way but today Pinterest is a MAJOR search engine and can bring visitors to your posts.


Maybe not as big as Google but it’s only be a matter of time.

Login to your Pinterest account and type your post topic in the search bar.

See the boxes that pop up between the search bar and the Pins?
Those are the keywords that people have typed in their searches.
Pinterest puts the most entered ones on these buttons to help you drill down closer to the topic you are searching for.

Click on each one and see what pin titles are coming up.

Blogging Tips For Beginners

Don’t copy any title exactly, but one or two words will be common in many of these pins.

See if you can work that wording into your title.

Tip 3. Don’t neglect the Tags

On the right side of your WordPress Dashboard while your post is open in Edit you will see the Tags block.

Tags are also Keywords!

Adding tags to your blog will increase it’s visibility to search engines like Google.

Looking back at your Pinterest search pick some of the keywords and add them to the “Tags” text box

Blogging Tips For Beginners

They will be displayed at the bottom of your post and will help Google searches find your post

Tip 4. Install the Yoast SEO Plugin On Your Blog

Yoast has a free plugin that will look at your post as you write it and will give you an idea of how good you SEO (Search Engine Optimization) score is.

It displays your score using a simple colored check mark on the right side of your screen

Red is bad

Yellow needs improvement

Green is GOOD!

blog tips for beginners


At the bottom of your post it will give you tips to improve your score.

blog tips for beginners

The better your score.
The more visible your posts will be.

Tip 5. Make sure to chose your Focus Keyword

At the bottom of your post you will see the Focus Keyword box.

blo tips for beginners



This is where you put the main keyword for your post.

                     DO NOT LEVE THIS BLANK!

It can be one word or several (called a key phrase) and should be part of your topic.

For example if your post is about making Tomato Soup you could use “Tomato” or “Tomato Soup Recipes” Tomato being the main Keyword.


Make sure you use it several times in your post as well as in you “Slug”

The Slug is the part at the end of your URL and should be similar to your post title.


Tip 7. Edit your Meta Description

The Meta Description is the short description about your post that will appear in the search window.
The searcher can read this description to help decide if they want to go to your post and read it.

blog tips for beginners

Make sure to write it to tell readers how your can help them find what they are searching for.

The Meta Description is located at the bottom of your post under “Edit Your Snippet”

Click the Snippet button and to open the box.

There is already some text there but you should replace it with your own.

Tip 8. Make pins on Pinterest for EVERY post Using Canva

It’s not hard to create images for your pins and it is easy to link them back to your posts.
Once there visitors may find other posts they will enjoy and become regular followers of your blog.
I recommend Canva to create your pin image.

Canva is a free and easy to use  site that allows you to choose picture from your drive and add text to it.

Then you can download it to your computer and use it for your pins or in your posts.

blog tips for beginners

With Canva it takes just a few minutes to create your image and download it.

Did I mention it is FREE?


Remember to post frequently, start with once a week and work up to every few days.
The more posts the better chance of having something for all visitors to your site.

Use keywords to get your site noticed by search engines

Use Pinterest to draw people to your blog

Use Canva to make your images for Pinterest.

Very few bloggers have over night success but a little time, practice and patients you audience will grow and be looking forward to your next post.